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Working with a coach - benefits and what to expect

There are a growing number of health, wellness and weight-loss programmes available to us, many of them online. However you may find that working with a coach could bring about more meaningful and lasting change to you and your health/wellness. Working with a coach is a much more personal experience, there is no one-size-fits-all and everything you work on will be designed specifically for you.

A good coach will spend time in the first instance establishing you are a good fit for each other. Skill sets vary and depending on what you are looking for, the coach will know whether you will be able to work together to achieve your goals.

They will explain the process in detail during a discovery session to be sure you know what to expect from the coach and what they expect from you.

Your first session will include a very detailed examination of your current health and lifestyle. This allows the coach to see a full picture of you and your life and to begin to understand how to help you.

Working closely together with you the coach will produce a nutrition and lifestyle ‘prescription’ for you. As you helped design it, it will be aimed at achieving your specific goals.

During the process the coach will explore your motivations for wanting to make changes and will help you remove any barriers to making change you are currently experiencing. The strategies the coach will put together for you will hopefully provide you with the maximum chance of success.

Further along in the process you may experience a dip in motivation or come up against hard to overcome challenges. This is where the coach will be invaluable to you. Re-establishing your drive to succeed and developing further strategies to back you up.

Your coach will help you to be accountable to yourself for your choices. Whilst you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself, knowing that you are in control of your health and life choices could ensure you find the will to stick to the plan.

Your Role:

So your coach will provide information, knowledge, support, guidance, encouragement. You can help yourself to maximise the benefits of the process with these tips:

1) Be committed – even when things get tough or worse still un-enjoyable, stick with it! Your coach is there to help you with these tricky moments – work with them to stay on track and ask for help when you need it.

2) Be kind to yourself – its hard to change, but even small changes will bring benefits – don’t expect perfection but recognize the good things you have achieved so far.

3) Be honest with your coach – they are not there to judge, only to help you. The more accurate the information you provide, the better chance your coach will have in helping you achieve the results you want.

2) Be kind to yourself – its hard to change, but even small changes will bring benefits – don’t expect perfection but recognise the good things you have achieved so far.

5) Don’t give up – be in it for the long term. You may experience positive results early on that then tail off, or it may take a month or so for any results to show up. Remember though these are changes for a life of health and wellness, not a short-term fix.

So in summary, a coach will provide you with a wealth of knowledge, a structured approach to reaching your goals, support, encouragement - all the tools you need to succeed.

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