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How to Eat Green

One of the hot topics in the world of diet and food at the moment is the impact our food choices make on the planet. Food production techniques around the world are affecting the planet by causing increased greenhouse gases, water and soil pollution, loss of biodiversity, deforestation and over-fishing.

There have been calls from scientists to make changes to the way we produce and consume food if we are to help preserve the planet.

BBC Good food magazine has publishes information from the Green Food Project which provides a list of 8 key principles to have a more healthy and sustainable diet.

1) Eat a varied and balanced diet to maintain healthy body weight

2) Eat more plant-based foods (your five-a-day)

3) Value the food you eat (where is it from, how was it produced, don't waste it)

4) Drink tap water not soft drinks

5) Choose fish from sustainable stocks, check how the fish was caught

6) Moderate meat consumption - try plant based proteins at some meals

7) Eat less high sugar/salt/fat foods - processed foods use energy to produce and generally have excess packaging

8) Include milk and dairy products in your diet (or plant bases alternatives)

Following these principles will not only result in a healthier you, but will go some way to reducing the strain on the planets resources.

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