Consultations & Prices

Step One: Telephone Conversation  

First we should have a brief conversation to discuss your requirements. During a 15-20 minutes call, we will establish that the goals you have are a good fit for working with me.  I will explain in a bit more detail what I am able to offer, and you can decide at this point whether you think I am the right person to help you. 


Step Two: Enrolment and Paperwork  

If you decide to go ahead, I will send you a comprehensive health and lifestyle questionnaire for completion. This form will cover your current health and lifestyle profile, medical history, nutrition profile, three-day food diary and a symptom screening section. You will return this to me at least 48 hours before our first meeting. This allows me to spend time analysing your responses to build a picture of your current lifestyle and begin identifying the possible areas to work on.  


Step Three: Initial Consultation  

At our first face to face consultation (which will last around 90 minutes), the first area we will cover is your health goals, your medical health history, including any family history of relevance, your current approach to diet, and any previous experiences of diets that may have bearing on your current situation. We’ll also look at food preferences and cooking skills to ensure the best fit diet advice for you. 

Then we’ll look at pertinent lifestyle factors such as stress and relaxation, family or work pressures, and the area of movement and exercise. This will help me to establish a full picture of your life, giving us a good framework to establish action steps that will be right for you.   

Working together we will create a full programme tailored to your lifestyle that will support your personal health goals.  This plan will be in two sections, nutrition action steps and lifestyle action steps.  

We will identify and agree upon the specific measurable changes you can make in each area to help you work towards your goal and ultimately your optimal health and well-being. 

Following the consultation (approximately 2-3 days later), I will provide you with your personal document pack covering the recommended actions, tracking sheets to help you follow the programme, a meal plan and recipe ideas. I am also able to provide information on specific topics to support you, such as sleep hygiene, relaxation techniques, food swaps etc. 


Step Four: Follow-Up Consultation  

Two to three weeks later, we will have our second face to face meeting, (lasting around 45-60 minutes) we will review the goals and action steps set at our first meeting, look at your tracking sheets to see how you have found the plan. We will address any difficulties you may have experienced and fine-tune the plan and action steps accordingly. We will then cover any areas of progression and additional action steps to include.   

I will then send an updated personal document pack to include any revised action steps, additional action steps, a second meal plan and further recipe ideas. I will remain in touch via phone and email for up to four weeks after the second meeting. Further face to face consultations can be purchased separately.

Step Five: Maintenance follow up consultations  

A programme of face to face meetings can be arranged as you progress with your plans to introduce new steps and re-visit your health goals. These meetings will typically last 30-45 minutes and can take place on a monthly basis, or as required. Again, I will remain in touch via phone and email for up to four weeks after each meeting. 


Price List 

  1. Discovery call - free 

  2. Enrolment – free 

  3. Initial Consultation and follow-up consultation - £120 

  4. Maintenance Consultations - £30 

  5. Maintenance Consultation – block of 6 - £150


Payment can be made via bank transfer after initial phone conversation.